China helps build fourth F-22P frigate for Pakistan’s Navy

English: Pakistan navy frigate F-22P Zulfiquar...

English: Pakistan navy frigate F-22P Zulfiquar visit to Port Klang,Malaysia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


‘An F-22P frigate built for the Pakistan Navy with Chinese assistance was commissioned in Karachi on Wednesday. Pakistan Navy chief Admiral Mohammad Asif Sandila, Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Liu Jian, and representatives from the China State Shipbuilding Corporation attended the commissioning of PNS Aslat, “the culmination of a contract signed by Pakistan and China in 2005 for four F-22P warships.” Three of the frigates were built in China and technology was transferred for constructing the fourth warship in Karachi. PNS Aslat is fitted with advanced weapons and sensors that make it a “highly potent platform” capable of operating in a multi-threat environment. The construction of the fourth frigate in Pakistan had enhanced the Karachi Shipyard’s capabilities in the construction of warships, a naval statement said.’


via Pak Navy gets Chinese-built warship – The Hindu.


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